Welcome survivors!

The main purpose of the game is to show the classic, fan favourite alien invasion in America. The enormous world of No More Light will bring the long awaited but until now avoided Apocalypse.Which won’t just be dark and scary but will also hold vast areas filled with exciting adventures and unparalleled horrors. As mentioned, there will be a lot of explorable maps for you to conqure but be ware!Every corner hides a new challenge where sometimes your best option will be to flee, unless if you are dedicated enough to finish the task.You can conquer anything and everything.Well almost everything….


Survival. That’s the word on the minds of the people who are left. The land is gone, we have lost. Humanity is left with only a handful of survivors. Their home in the fabled Colorado is now unrecognizable. So what do you do, hide until your food runs out?No! Arm yourself, pick up your weapon and fight! Save the people, gather and build a new home, restore the weather. Your base will be the first bastion of humanity’s resistance.


While you are out exploring the vast regions of America, you will discover many unique environment. Not only the aliens but the weather too will challenge the players. Be it an overgrow swamp, a wider field or a destroyed city, the invader’s biomass is there. The rich wildlife is nowhere to be found anymore. The infestation is everywhere, the danger is immense,and if you don’t stop it it will grow even further.


The only constant in this world is the danger. While you are fighting aliens you have to fight the weather too. The supplies are also limited so do not waste them or you have to go look for them again. Save the survivors! Every extra hand matters. You don’t know when will they save you, as even a small mistake on your part can lead to death out there. As you progress you will make decisions that will effect not just your environment but yourself too. Your body and your mind. Especially your mind.


First and foremost your main purpose is to survive.Arm up and venture out for food and supplies. Search for the truth behind the invasion! Is there a reason why did they come here? And why now? Learn and Improve yourself, help others if you like, or rob them. The decision is yours. Will you become a hero or will you fall to madness. And don’t forget, every single decision has consequences.

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